Benefits of the Project

Benefits for India

  • Natural gas brought by the SAGE Pipeline will be affordable by the fast growing sectors in India such as Power Generation, Fertilizer Plants, and Petrochemical production since these industries are gradually shifting towards natural gas because of its many advantages
  • Natural Gas is much cheaper than LNG and thus more economically viable for India in the long run
  • Natural gas brought to India by the Pipeline can be used for City Gas Distribution, thus taking advantage of India’s internal gas distribution network
  • Because Natural Gas in anenvironment friendly fuel due to its low level of carbon emissions, it can help in India’s growth and energy security in a Green and Environment Friendly way
  • India and the Gulf Region have a long history of trade and business relations and the SAGE Deep-water Pipeline seeks to further strengthen and promote these commercial and cultural ties
  • Natural Gas also has the Highest Thermal Efficiency as compared to other fuels


Deep-Water Route benefits for India

Deep-water route has the following advantages for India:

  • Supply of Natural Gas from the Middle East to India via the deep-sea route by comparison is far Less Exposed to Risks of Interruption
  • The possibility of having an alternative supply of Natural Gas into the Indian market via a secure deep sea route will Add Competition and remove the potential for uncertainty that a single supply route overland could be subject to
  • The Deep Ocean Route also provides the Easiest Option for Expansion into a Corridor of supply pipelines in the future. [Thus making it easier to take advantage of the Gas Pipeline Infrastructure within India too]
  • The deepwater route across the Arabian Sea is the Shortest Distance between huge Middle Eastern reserves and the rapidly developing industrial heartland of India in Gujarat/Maharashtra/North India, which perhaps is too short for LNG to be an economical long-term transportation option.


Benefits for Middle East

Strengthen the centuries old economic and cultural relations with India, with a Long Term Natural Gas Supply Contract.