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India, Oman Pursue Iranian Gas Import
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Iran's talks on gas export to Oman and India reached hopeful results. The IRI's caretaker for the Iranian Gas Export Co. said that the nation's talks on gas export to Oman and India have had some hopeful results.

"An Indian delegation is planned to visit Iran soon to discuss the construction of an independent sea born gas pipeline", said Hossain Bidar Maghz.

India tends the construction of a sea born gas pipeline through international waters which may omit the transit right for the two sides.

Construction of a gas pipeline from Oman to India is another way of sending Iranian gas to India through a sea pipeline from the midway, said Bidar Maghz.

"Iran and Oman also had hopeful talks over gas sale and both sides could reach some effective results with some developed nations that are active in the fields of oil and gas" Bidar Maghz concluded.

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