Annual Return FY 2020-21

South Asia Gas Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. (SAGE)

In quest for India's Energy Security, South Asia Gas Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. (SAGE) has undertaken a path-breaking project, to build the Deepest Underwater Transnational Gas Pipeline. Also known as "Middle East to India Deepwater Pipeline (MEIDP)", it will connect the Gas Rich Gulf & Middle East regions to India, for the transportation of Natural Gas to secure India´s Energy Needs.

SAGE is promoted by the New Delhi based Siddho Mal Group, in Joint Venture with a UK-based Deepwater Technology Company.

SAGE is working with a Global Consortium of some of the most reputed companies in the field of Deepwater Pipelines, to create a Multi Billion Dollar "Energy Corridor" that can transport gas from the Middle East to India, bypassing the land route through Pakistan.

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