Technical Details

Capacity a Day 1.1 BSCFD (Billion Standard Cubic Feet a Day)
Capacity for 20 years 8TCF (Trillion Cubic Feet)
Maximum Pipeline Depth 3,400 m
Pipeline Length 1,300 km
Pipe diameter 24” to 27”
Wall Thickness Upto 40.5mm
Design Pressure 400 barg
External Coating Polypropylene (plus Concrete in shallow sections)
Internal Coating Epoxy Resin

Proposed Wall Thicknesses (where ID= Internal Diameter and WT= Wall Thickness)

  • MECS to GPRT, 610mm ID, WT - 30.2mm to 40.5mm depending on water depth,Steel weight = 796,537tonnes
  • MECS to OGCS, 530mm ID, WT – 28.7mm to 33.4mm depending on water depth,Steel weight = 197,455tonnes
  • OGCS to GPRT, 579mm ID, WT – 31.1mm to 38.4mm depending on water depth,Steel weight = 537,803tonnes

Note: The pipeline will be fabricated from DSAW linepipe with a material of DNV 485 grade carbon steel (equivalent to API X70), fabricated to the requirements of DNV. The wall thickness design is performed in accordance with DNV-OS-F101.

Wall Thickness Profile