Peritus International, Project Manager for SAGE, has been carrying out all the necessary Feasibility Studies to ensure that the SAGE pipeline can be successfully laid. Peritus performed extensive Feasibility Studies in 2010. It has also made a detailed Feasibility Plan for the year 2011.

The program for the 2010 Feasibility Studies concentrated on ensuring that a consistent design basis be developed which can be used to guide all studies.

The aim was to make sure that the SAGE Deep-water Pipeline could be installed within an acceptable risk profile, areas of uncertainty were acknowledged and understood,and a plan was put in place to mitigate them.

I) 2010 Studies

The following Feasibility Activities for the year 2010 were carried out:

  • Overall Project Management of all activities
  • Design Basis definition
  • Flow Assurance Studies
  • Mechanical Design
  • Onshore Compression Station Definition
  • Offshore Compression Station Definition
  • Quantified Risk Assessment - OIP Update
  • Geohazard and Fault Crossing Assessment Phase 1
  • Metocean data Phase 1
  • GIS Data Collection Phase 1
  • Assessment of the effects of moderate heat treatment

II) 2011 Completed and Ongoing Studies

The program for 2011 feasibility studies will ensure that the project is well positioned to move into a full FEED phase by 2012 by closing gaps in understanding and finalizing the project design constraints.

Completed Studies

  • Vessel & equipment capabilities review
  • Pipeline intervention review
  • Riser and subsea by-pass definition
  • Onshore compression station review
  • Offshore layout optimization
  • Receiving terminal conceptual design
  • Emergency repair equipment review

Awarded Ongoing Studies

  • Project Management
  • Establish no hydrotest principle
  • Project Schedule review and update
  • Project Cost Estimate review and update
  • Geohazard and fault crossing assessment (Iran Leg)
  • GIS data collection
  • Reconnaissance Survey definition and scope of work
  • Collapse Ring testing Definition
  • Metocean & Geotechnical extension (Iran Leg)
  • GIS data collection (Metocean)
  • Survey definition and scope of work
  • Define survey ITT and tender
  • Environmental statement
  • Examine the effect of moderate heat treatment
  • Indian Pipe Mill Prequalification
  • Collapse Ring testing Programme with Indian Mills
  • Reconnaissance Survey Campaign
  • Commencement of Metocean Data Collection
  • Preparation of FEED ITT’s
    • Onshore facilities
    • Offshore Facilities
    • Subsea pipelines and systems

Work in these areas is currently on going by Peritus and others

III) 2012 Planned activities

Studies & Tendering

  • Insurance risk review
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Completion of Metocean Data Collection
  • Tender & Award FEED’s
    • Onshore facilities
    • Offshore Facilities
    • Subsea pipelines and systems

Execute FEED Studies

  • Execute Onshore Compression Facilities FEED
  • Execute Onshore Receiving Facilities FEED
  • Execute Offshore Compression Facilities FEED
  • Execute Subsea pipelines and systems FEED